The results

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, an extension of the CoCliServ project has been approved.


Deliverable 1.1: Initial mapping of narratives of change

Deliverable 1.2: Chronology and in-depth analysis of weatherrelated and place-specific narratives of climate change (available also on ResearchGate)

Deliverable 1.3: Relevant excerpts from interviews and protocols

Deliverable 1.4: Lessons learned and guidelines


Deliverable 2.1: Case study situation inventory report

Deliverable 2.2: Incremental scenario case studies



Deliverable 3.1: Assessment of climate service components for each study site and supplement

Deliverable 3.2: Evaluation of existing local climate service components

Deliverable 3.3: Feasibility study of local climate services

Deliverable 3.4: WP3 final report: synthesis of cases, climate services, and lessons learned


Deliverable 4.1: Lessons learned from the use of various formats for disseminating and communicating climate knowledge


Deliverable 4.4: Lessons learned from using art forms for the representation of local climate information

Deliverable 4.5: Final report: Modes of representation, synthesis of cases and lessons learned


Deliverable 5.1: Initial guidance framework for dealing with deep uncertainty in the project

Deliverable 5.2a: Report (round 1)

Deliverable 5.2b: Report (round 2)

Deliverable 5.3 (review in progress)

Deliverable 5.4 (review in progress)


Deliverable 6.1a: Kick-off meeting report

Deliverable 6.1b: Dordrecht meeting report

Deliverable 6.1c: Dangast meeting report

Deliverable 6.2: Website up and running

Deliverable 6.3: 11 formation booklets (see below)

Deliverable 6.4: Online curriculum and training material (in progress)

Deliverable 6.5a: mid term report (has been submit in April 2019)

Deliverable 6.5b: final report (has been submit in July 2021)


Special issue

Climate Risk Management, 2020

Narratives of change and the co-development of climate services for action (Werner Krauß)

The role of place-based narratives of change in climate risk governance (Werner Krauß, Scott Bremer)

Local narratives of change as an entry point for building urban climate resilience (Benedikt Marschütz, Scott Bremer, Hens Runhaar, Dries Hegger, Heleen Mees, Joost Vervoort, Arjan Wardekker)

Meaning in the face of changing climate risks: Connecting agency, sensemaking and narratives of change through transdisciplinary research (Jean-Paul Vanderlinden, Juan Baztan, Omer Chouinard, Mateo Cordier, Charlotte Da Cunha, Jean-Michel Huctin, Alioune Kane, Gregory Kennedy, Inga Nikulkina, Vyacheslav Shadrin, Céline Surette, Diatou Thiaw, Kaleekal T. Thomson)

The discoveries of citizens running around (Diana Wildschut, Harmen Zijp)

Portrait of a climate city: How climate change is emerging as a risk in Bergen, Norway (Scott Bremer, Eleanor Johnson, Kjersti Fløttum, Kyrre Kverndokk, Arjan Wardekker, Werner Krauß)

Adaptation planning in France: Inputs from narratives of change in support of a community-led foresight process (Charlotte Da Cunha, Ana Paula Farias Rocha, Marianne Cardon, Florentin Breton, Laurent Labeyrie, Jean-Paul Vanderlinden)

► Facing climate injustices: Community trust-building for climate services through arts and sciences narrative co-production (Juan Baztan, Jean-Paul Vanderlinden, Lionel Jaffrès, Bethany Jorgensen, Zhiwei Zhu)


Articles in scientific journals (peer-reviewed)

Bremer, S., Wardekker, A., Jensen, E. S, van der Sluijs, J. P., (2021). Quality Assessment in Co-developing Climate Services in Norway and the Netherlands. Frontiers in Climate, 11 March 2021



Towards a climate-resilient future together: A toolbox with participatory foresight methods, tools and examples from climate and food governance



Project poster


Information booklets