The results


Deliverable 1.1: Initial mapping of narratives of change

Deliverable 1.2: Chronology and in-depth analysis of weatherrelated and place-specific narratives of climate change (available also on ResearchGate)

Deliverable 1.3: Relevant excerpts from interviews and protocols


Deliverable 2.1: Case study situation inventory report

Deliverable 2.2


Deliverable 3.1: Assessment of climate service components for each study site and supplement

Deliverable 3.2: Evaluation of existing local climate service components

Deliverable 3.3


Deliverable 4.1: Lessons learned from the use of various formats for disseminating and communicating climate knowledge


Deliverable 5.1: Initial guidance framework for dealing with deep uncertainty in the project

Deliverable 5.2a: Report (round 1)

Deliverable 5.2b: Report (round 2)


Deliverable 6.1a: Kick-off meeting report

Deliverable 6.1b: Dordrecht meeting report

Deliverable 6.1c: Dangast meeting report

Deliverable 6.2: Website up and running


Project poster


Information booklet



  • No.6 bis - Work package 1 - Result
  • No.7 bis - Work package 2 - Result
  • No.8 bis - Work package 3 - Result
  • No.9 bis - Work package 4 - Result
  • No.10 bis - Work package 5 - Result
  • No.11 bis - Work package 6 - Result