The teams

International interdisciplinary Co-cli-serv team members (names in alphabetical order)


Science–society interfaces, art–science policy transdisciplinary analysis, citizen science, discourse analysis

Breton (UVSQ-LSCE)

PhD student under the co-direction of M. Vrac and J.-P. Vanderlinden

Bremer (UiB SVT)

Science–society interface, participatory research, climate service developments, qualitative analysis

Cordier (UVSQ-CEARC)

Ecological economics, scenario development, policy advice


Adaptation, development of indicators, knowledge quality assessment, discourse analysis

Decroly (PI, ULB/IGEAT)

Regional development, economic geography, land use planning

De Rudder (IASB-BIRA)

Coordination of atmospheric data management, data policy, user requirements, quality assurance, metadata, INSPIRE

Flitner (PI, UniHB)

Regional development, sustainability studies, global changes

Gerkensmeier (HZG)

Natural climate research, provision of regional climate services, stakeholder dialogue and analysis

Hegger (Copernicus-UU)

Expert of joint knowledge production

Iversen (UiB SVT)

Local climate governance, local and regional policy making.

Jaffrès (Theatre du Grain)

Theatre director

Krauss (UniHB)

Social anthropology, narratives, discourse analysis

Lescuyer (UVSQ-CEARC)

Information management, communication, discourse analysis, media studies

Meinke (PI, HZG)

Natural climate research, provision of regional climate services, stakeholder dialogue and analysis

Mees (Copernicus-UU)

Expert of citizen participation

Peeters (ULB/ IGEAT)

Map-based visualisation, participatory mapping, database management, database geo-referencing


Geographical information system, database management

Runhaar (co-PI, Copernicus-UU)

Environmental governance, framing analysis, climate change adaptation, science–policy–society interactions

Vanderlinden (LPI UVSQ-CEARC)

Adaptation to climate change, emerging socio-technical risks, inter-disciplinary and transdisciplinary epistemologies

van der Sluijs (PI, UiB SVT)

Knowledge quality assessment / participatory integrated assessment/ critical reflection on the science–society relationship; transdisciplinary integration

Vautard (CNRS/ LSCE)

Climate statistics, climate service development, scientific foresight and strategic planning, extreme events

Vervoort (Copernicus-UU & Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford)

Participatory scenario development, serious gaming, visioning and back-casting, climate adaptation and resilience


Climate projection downscaling, climate service development

Wardekker (co-PI, Copernicus-UU)

Climate change adaptation under uncertainty, urban and regional resilience and vulnerability, framing analysis, uncertainty communication

Wildschut (UiB SVT)

Citizen science, bottom-up climate research, art and science integration


Statistical climatology, extreme events, climate service development


Multimedia developments to sustain transdisciplinary collaboration, Science–society integration