The milestones and deliveries

First year

Month Date What WP
3 Nov. 15 Protocol for the production D1.1 M1.1
  Nov. 30 "Catalogue" M4.1
5 Jan. 15 Protocol for the production D1.2 M1.2
6 Feb. 15 Protocol for the production D1.3 M1.3
    Reports on the initial mapping of narratives of each site D1.1
    Initial guidance framework for dealing with deep uncertainty in the project D5.1
    Facilitation of inter-vision and exchange of experiences between the citizens involved in the case studies D5.2
7 March 15 Draft protocol for WP2 M2.1
8 April 15 Protocol test M2.2
9 May 15 Chronology and in-depth analysis of weather-related and place-specific narratives of change D1.2
    Implementation plan for WP2 protocol in all sites M2.3
12 Aug 15 Relevant excerpts from interviews and protocols D1.3